American Hustle

About a month ago I watched "American Hustle" for the first time (I know I'm so late to the party, please don't judge me). Watching that movie reminded me of why the 1970's will always be one of my favorite fashion decades. Plunging necklines and wide leg pants anyone? There is something about that combination that I so adore.

I have been on the affordable white high waist pants hunt for over 6 years, so you can imagine my excitement when alas I found these darlings at Zara.

I paired it with my trusty Asos bathing suit (I bought these 3 years ago before a trip to Puerto Rico. Topshop has a somewhat similar piece here) and the accessories fell into place. Click the play button to watch and scroll down to see where you can shop these pieces. Tune in later this week when I show you how I take these pants from glamorous beach party to upscale boardwalk. Comment below and let me know how you would wear these pants.

With love,

Addie O.

Top: Old Asos bathing suit (similar here)

Pants: Zara

Belt: Forever21 (similar here)

Shoes: UrbanOG (similar here)

Hat: Similar here