Bare Legs and Tropics

Bare Legs and Tropics


Recently I have been into bare legs. I wish I could credit it to some amazing transformation but alas the credit goes to summer. It's been so hot that I find myself daydreaming about long beach days sipping coconut water and a string bikini. Until that time comes enjoy this look I put together for my birthday this past month

I picked up both pieces from Zara. I had been eyeing these shoes for a while and finally decided to purchase them. I'm so glad I did because they have become my summer shoes (they go so well with everything!)

I picked up this romper when I picked up the shoes. The bottom part is actually skort so it looks like a dress from the front. Click below for direct links to the products. Also Zara is having their summer sale. Run to your closest store now and thank me later :)

Romper: Zara (sold out)

Lace Up High Heel sandals: Zara