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Summer nights to 9-5 grind

Addie OwusuComment
Summer nights to 9-5 grind

Hi babes!

It’s officially fall and as much as I don’t want to acknowledge this colder weather it’s here and we have to deal with it. Honestly, as a tropical climate born babe, I view fall and winter weather merely as rude interruptions to spring and summer.


So, while I love fall fashion as much as the next fashionista, the transition is always a bit hard for me in the beginning. My best advice for transitioning into fall is to focus more on layering, especially in the beginning days when the mornings are cool but afternoons are warmer.


For this transition look I took one of my favorite Stradivarius embellished tee’s from a summer date night look to a fall transition 9-5 look.

The summer nights look was one of my favorites to style and you guys really showed love on IG. It’s a “more is more” outfit. The look features one of my favorite skirts from ASOS. Honestly, can we get into the print and the design around the hips!! The jacket is a tried and true, and you all already know it as one of, if not my favorite item in my closet. I finished it off with these sparkly multicolored heels from Zara and my oldie but goodie gem embellished clutch bag, also from Zara. Did I mention more is more?

IMG_6980_Facetune_14-10-2018-02-25-21 2.jpg

Workwear doesn’t always lend itself to a “more is more” approach so I paired the tee with my new favorite jeans from Mango. These jeans will be making multiple guest appearances on the blog so prepare yourself. I added this red jacket from Zara. When going for a bold color in the work place I try to have it be in a more classically structured piece like this jacket so it doesn’t appear too distracting. The shoes are from ASOS, my first online shopping love, and the bag. THE BAG! I picked up this beauty from Mango during their summer sale and it was the perfect addition to this look. I finished the whole look off with these glasses which I picked up from a vendor in Spitalfields Market in London. Scroll down for more from of these looks, and remember to always make your wardrobe WORK for you :)


Outfit 1

Tee: Stradivarius

Skirt: ASOS (runs 2 sizes small)

Jacket: Zara similar here

Shoes: Zara similar shape here similar color here

Bag: Zara similar here

Outfit 2

Tee: Stradivarius

Jeans: Mango similar here

Jacket: Zara similar here

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Mango similar here